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We all get it you came to this part of our page to do one of the following right?!

1- Say how much you hate my show? etc? Just put in all caps TRASH and I'll be sure to read that first!!

2-Say how you think I should improve my show to conform to societal standards?! Just put in all caps OPINIONATED and I'll read it with my morning coffee so you know its suppppper important!

3-You came here to say how much YOU LOVE MY SHOW!!!!! Honestly, just put that in all caps, and I SOLEMNLY SWEAR TO READ IT!!!! :p

4- You feel that you should be a contributing part of my show because you just really have something!?!? Just put in all caps IGNITED SUBMISSION. Then I swear to read it all.

Side note! None of the little silly notes are true, its just a silly thing, that is intended to make you smile throughout the day! You are loved and you matter.

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